Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Financial projections from solar panels too good to turn down

Thursday 16 October 2014

Maurice Clarke is a retired engineer living in Blaby, Leicestershire. Maurice already knew of Run by the Sun, as Simon Butt the Director of Run by the Sun and Maurice are both enthusiastic allotment holders. When they talked about the Feed in Tariff, and the financial projections, Maurice was quick to seize the opportunity.


Maurice says ‘I believe in the technology and I am concerned about the environment. I saw this as an opportunity to lower my carbon emissions and at the same time earn a bit on the investment. Living on a pension, it gives us a little bit more to spend every quarter’. Simon designed a PV solar array in 2 sections, installed on the south facing pitched roof, and also on the flat garage roof.

Maurice adds ‘the installation on both the house and garage was very quick; two half days. They were very efficient and tidy and we are very pleased with the system, so much so that we have recommended Run by the Sun to others’.

Maurice had already installed double glazing, loft and cavity wall insulation, a condensing boiler and had fitted low energy light bulbs. He is also looking to the future and has left a space on the roof so that a solar thermal system can be installed at a later date.