Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Off-grid solar project for new build barn in Nuneaton

Monday 29 February 2016


Run By The Sun have recently completed a number of off-grid solar projects over the last few months, including this one for a couple in Nuneaton. Off-grid solar can be a great solution to your energy and electricity requirements particularly if you’re living in a remote location.

Living almost 2 miles away from the nearest power supply and having been quoted several tens of thousands of pounds to provide electricity to the property, Run By The Sun came up with an 4.5kWp off-grid solar system solution using 18 solar panels and a 4kW Sunny Boy inverter as well as the Sunny Island storage system from SMA. The Sunny Island 6.0H battery supports a number of applications and is ideal for off-grid solar projects where reliability is key. It intelligently manages and regulates energy flow between PV solar system and appliances.


Staying within budget, we fitted a smaller system using 18 panels rather than the 20 solar panels originally planned which allowed us to use a solar inverter with smaller capacity. The PV solar system will provide power throughout the spring, summer and early autumn months with a generator providing the remainder of energy required during the winter season.


SMA Sunny Boy inverter and Sunny Island Storage Battery side-by-side.