Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Solar energy installed to reduce carbon emissions

Thursday 16 October 2014

Farmer John Evans installed a 3.88 kW PV array in November 2011. John wanted to take advantage of the commercial opportunity and also wanted to play his part in reducing his carbon emissions from the farm. He contacted Run by the Sun whom he had known for a number of years. After carrying out a site survey, we proposed that a system of 21 x 185Wp BP solar models to be sited on the stables.

John says ‘the installation went very well and was completed on time”. He went on “I have to say that I was very impressed as the invoice was lower than the quote, as component prices had dropped, and Simon passed on these savings to me – not everyone would do that’.

We estimated that the system would produce 3256 kWh per year, providing a payback in just eight years. The annual return on investment is 13.25% and on top of that the system will save 1849 kg of CO2 annually.

Since the installation John has contacted his electricity supplier, who calculated on his behalf that his system was actually running at 107% of what could be expected within the climatic conditions of that period. John says ‘I would certainly recommend Run by the Sun and indeed I already have to a number of people’.