Run by the sun
Run by the sun

'Solar panels a better investment than stocks and shares'

Thursday 16 October 2014

Living in Enderby, Leicestershire, Sue and Alan Weston considered installing PV when they were left a legacy from their late Uncle George. Sue explains ‘we knew someone in the village that had already installed PV on their home and recommended Run By The Sun to us. We looked into the financial returns and decided that it was a better investment than stocks and shares and that Uncle George would be very pleased to see his legacy invested in solar power’.


They then contacted Run by the Sun who recommended a 1.7 kWp system for their house. Sue says ‘Simon gave us the facts, explaining how the system worked and once we decided to go ahead the installation went really well and surprisingly quickly’. Both Sue and Alan have changed their behaviour since the installation to maximise its benefit and try and use their appliances such as their washing machine and dishwasher when the sun is overhead.

Sue summed up ‘I would definitely recommend Run by the Sun to others, as they have the patience to deal with every detail and every question and we are very pleased with the installation – Uncle George would be proud’.