Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Solar power a no brainer for recycling organisation

Thursday 16 October 2014

Darren Potter and Deborah Parker established Complete Wasters in 1996 based in Sileby, Leicestershire. A not for profit community recycling organisation, Complete Wasters is a working example of environmentally sustainable ideas that can easily be transferred into homes and offices. Their offices already boast high levels of insulation, LED lighting and a wood burning stove. 


Complete Wasters were keen to install PV panels as they saw it as another step towards being less reliant on fossil fuels and to demonstrate the technology to the visiting public. Darren explains ‘installing PV made sense for our energy demand, as we are not connected to the gas main, heat our premises with wood and power it with electricity. We had the additional hurdle of planning permission as we are in a conservation area, however Run by the Sun assisted our application with detailed drawings and permission was granted’. 

The PV array was installed in June 2011 after Run by the Sun was recommended to Complete Wasters through a friend. Darren said ‘we found Simon to be honest and genuinely interested in what we are doing and had a friendly approach. The installation went really smoothly and slotted in around the day to day business. Since then the PV array has made us even more aware of our electricity usage and we make the most of it by charging small appliances and batteries during the day. We also use a rechargeable sweeper, rather than a vacuum cleaner to clean the café and shop’.

Complete Wasters have actively promoted PV technology and Run by the Sun to their supporters, friends and the general public visiting them in Sileby.