Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Are you getting the best financial return from your PV solar system?

Thursday 08 October 2015


There are many reasons as to why our clients invest in solar energy - greener, cleaner living, 50% savings on average on your energy bills are just a few of the perks. Many of our clients see installing solar panels as an investment to earn more money from the governments FIT scheme and export tariff on the energy they produce. After all, investing in PV solar is a better investment than most cash ISAs. However, are you getting the most out of your investment?

Are you getting the best financial return from your solar panels?

We were recently called to a home in Leicester to see if this was indeed the case for 4kW solar system that had been installed a few years ago by another solar panel installer. 

The site visit had come about following a get together between the homeowners and some friends who had also invested in solar energy and a 4kW system. Both were chatting over coffee and conversation turned to solar power - as quite often is the case!

Both couples had received cheques in the post from the FIT scheme in line with the rate when their panels had been installed, which at the time was 40p p/kWh. However, one cheque was for roughly £2,000 and the other was for £1,000. Both couples had the same sized PV solar systems and live in Leicestershire so there is no difference in weather conditions. So why such a huge difference in the financial return?

Following our investigation of the system, it turned out that half of the solar panels installed weren't connected at all, hence precisely a 50% loss in FIT scheme earnings. Unfortunately for this homeowner, you see that the system is generating output power and naturally presume that the panels are working as intended - it requires a professional such as ourselves to detect the fault and correct it.

Monitoring the performance of solar panels through SolarEdge

By monitoring your PV solar system using a web-based platform such as SolarEdge, we can quickly detect any faults with the solar panels and their connections, to the precise solar module. We give our clients the ability to access not only technical performance information but also financial performance statistics from the SolarEdge monitoring system. It just gives our clients absolute peace of mind and prevents any possibility of financial loss as mentioned above.

Site visits to domestic and commercial installations throughout Leicestershire and the Midlands

We cover the whole of the Midlands and have clients as far as Chesterfield and South Yorkshire where we have ongoing maintenance contracts. To arrange a site visit to find out whether your PV solar system is getting the best yield, call Simon on 0116 270 1926.