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Run by the sun

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Tuesday 10 November 2015

The BMW i3 electric car is just one of the things people are charging using energy storage batteries.

Energy storage batteries are becoming an increasingly important system in the renewable energy market.  As doubt and confusion around the government’s FIT (Feed in Tariff) scheme continues, energy storage systems are helping homeowners with solar panels make the most of their investment in solar energy technology. 

A reminder of how you can benefit from an energy storage system

Earlier this year, we took a look at a few energy storage systems currently on the market and how energy storage batteries work.

How are they helping homeowners to make the most of their investment?  Because of the price structure surrounding the installation of solar panels, it makes sense to try to consume the energy you produce rather than sending it back to the grid. Currently excess energy is sent back to the grid and purchased again in the evening when you need it. Energy storage batteries store this excess energy allowing you to become completely energy independent. 

Installing energy storage batteries to power household items

Energy storage batteries use lithium batteries and we are authorised installers for the maslow storage battery from Moixa, SMA’s Sunnyboy and the StorEdge from SolarEdge.  In our previous blog, we also took a look at the Tesla Powerwall which is being used to help power their electric cars. 

The devices vary in battery size, from 1kWh (1 unit of electricity) for the smallest in the maslow range – that’s enough to boil your kettle 10 times - to 7kWh for the Tesla Powerwall. 

We recently installed a 2kWh maslow device in Leicester. When this is not being used to help power devices in the evening from mobile phones to tablets, this energy storage battery is also being used to assist in helping charge our clients BMW i3 electric car. 

This has been installed as part of a government trial and although it’s not the best option to help power an electric car, it does demonstrate how it can be used to power other household items, rather than send ‘energy waste’ back to the grid. Energy storage batteries really improve efficiency.

Run By The Sun are not tied to a particular energy storage battery product - in the same way we don't have a preference over a particular manufacturer of solar panels. If you are interested to find out how an energy storage system could be integrated into your PV solar system, to arrange a meeting, please contact Simon on 0116 270 1926.