Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Energy independence with an off-grid solar system

Friday 05 August 2016


Off-grid solar systems are not connected to the grid, this means you are independently running on solar power. They rely on batteries to store the electricity generated by the solar panels during the day to use when the system is not generating enough power to run through the night.

There are a broad range of applications that you could use off-grid solar for; from a home in the sticks, to a garage, workshop or community centre. By being off-grid you are protected from electricity prices and rises and also in the scenario of a power cut, there is no impact at all.

Environmental values

Going off-grid has numerous environmental benefits, these are obvious. The disciplines involved in managing your own power supply will also encourage you to use electricity and energy more efficiently throughout your everyday life.

What it involves

Solar panels are of course a given and we have already discussed the use of batteries in the system. There is also a need for a charging controller. The stored battery power needs to be converted back to the main power and this is done by using AC power inverters. Electrical switchgear can then be used to allow other energy sources to be incorporated such as a back-up generator.


It is important to know and fully understand what your actual energy requirements are and Simon is happy to discuss this with you.  This will be dependent on what the installation will be used for and if it is required 12 months of the year rather than just through the summer months.

Power requirements are also determined by:

  • The output through the solar modules throughout the year
  •  The size of the battery storage system needed
  • The need to incorporate AC power inverters or other energy sources

Run by the Sun design all of our off-grid systems using 'PV Sol' design software to perfect designs and efficiency.

We have a variety of off-grid residential, commercial and community based projects we have worked on and are happy to discuss these with you and show you some examples and case studies.

If you would like to book a free site survey no obligation or to discuss off-grid systems in more detail, don't hesitate to call Simon on 0116 270 1926

Take your step to energy independence.