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Run by the sun

Facebook's Solar Powered Drones to Increase Internet Access

Wednesday 22 April 2015

solar powered drone

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently launched into the UK skies a pilotless solar powered drone as part of plans to increase internet access around the world. The drone follows the recent success stories of Solar Impulse 2 - a fuel free plane powered by solar which is currently making its journey around the world.

The drones which fly higher than commercial aeroplanes, will be used to increase internet access in more remote areas of the country. Using solar energy, the drones are capable of flying for months without landing.

Ascenta, a company based in Somerset who developed the drones, were bought out by Facebook in March last year.

Solar energy is quickly becoming a viable option when people are thinking of alternative means of power. Run By The Sun are very proactive through social media sites such as Twitter; and in recent weeks we have been asked about solar energy solutions for a pump in a pond as well as a solution for a swimming pool.

Run By The Sun are happy to discuss solar power solutions for your home or your business. Whatever your requirements, please contact Simon for a free consultation and site survey.