Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Introducing the Solar PV Pod for Solar Heating

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Viridian Solar Pod for Green Heating

We recently visited Viridian Solar in Cambridgeshire to take a look at their solar pod product, aptly named The Pod. If you have a PV solar system and a combi-boiler, this retro fit hot water tank allows you to heat your hot water for free using excess electricity generated by your solar panels.

Solar Water Heating with Comb-Boiler

This really attractive piece of kit which is also manufactured in Britain, recently solved a hot water issue for a new client who already had a PV solar system installed. They had a boiler which was providing heating for the house and separate boiler which was providing hot water but was no longer working. The Pod provides our client with the hot water they need on a daily basis, a great solution should your boiler ever break down.

The Pod is a solar heat store where cold water is rapidly pre-heated on demand as it flows through a coiled pipe inside the unit before being sent on to either an existing hot water cylinder or a combi-boiler. The Pod easily integrates with any heating system you would currently have in your home and its horizontal design ensures that it fits within the tightest of spaces.

Reduce Energy and Produce Year-Round Back Up Hot Water

By preheating the water, The Pod reduces the energy used by the boiler to heat up the cylinder. Where a home has a combi-boiler, the pre-heated water from the Pod either by-passes the boiler or flows through the boiler for a top-up under the control of a thermostatic valve.

To find out more about how you could benefit from this solar heating pod, please contact Simon on 0116 270 1926.