Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Invest in solar and see the advantages for your business

Thursday 18 August 2016


Solar has been a great investment to many UK businesses, whether it is to simply save on utility bills, generate clean energy or to benefit from the governments Feed In Tariff Scheme.

It doesn't have to be about saving money. As a business, reducing your carbon footprint will increase your sustainability credentials and give your company a greater reputation within the community and to employees or investors.

Commercial solar PV installations range from small 4kW systems, which are similar to those used in residential, to large utility-scale facilities that are dependent on energy such as warehouses that could consider a 25kW installation.

Run by the Sun are a family-run business that can call on backup from our reliable supply partners. By working directly with solar panel manufacturers a wide range of cost savings and various financial options are available to our customers.

Our team are highly trained in providing the best system for you, and every small detail can make a big difference to the long-term benefits.

Some of the details to consider include: 

  • Using the latest thin-film technology to give a better result where there are some shading or orientation issues.
  • ¬†System monitoring to ensure long-term oversight of the systems performance with a personal warranty and maintenance package
  • Use the best grid inverter and mounting systems that are commercially proven from brands such as Fronius, Solar Frontier and Solar Edge

Making the most of the Feed in Tariff

Choosing solar is a long-term investment as you can earn and save with the government Feed in Tariff. Not only will you significantly reduce your business overheads, you will get paid for every unit of electricity you generate. You also have the opportunity to earn an extra income by exporting unused energy back to the grid.

What size systems will my business need?

Small commercial installations are similar to residential properties, and may only require a 4kW system, which consists of roughly 10-12 solar panels. For a larger business such as a warehouse, the system could be considerably bigger.

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