Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Largest Solar Project in the UK is Installed in the East Midlands

Thursday 05 March 2015

largest solar energy project in the UK installed in East Midlands

Not just any solar panels - M&S solar panels. The retailer has installed a 900,000 sq ft solar energy system on the roof space of their Castle Donington warehouse this week. 

The PV solar system will provide enough energy to power over 1,000 homes and is set to reduce their carbon footprint over the next 20 years by 48,000 tonnes. This is a huge part of Marks & Spencer's corporate sustainability measures and initiatives and it is surely to be a catalyst for other businesses to consider solar energy not just within the East Midlands but across the UK. 

By choosing solar power, this installation will produce nearly 25% of the energy required for the daily operation of the warehouse - which is fully automated - and is guaranteed to dramatically reduce their operating expenses.

Solar Panels for your business

When it comes to considering solar energy for your business, there is perhaps a misconception that large businesses with floor or roof space can only really benefit. Although it should be a no brainer for a business with large operating costs and plenty of space to install large PV solar systems, small to medium sized businesses can start to reduce their energy bills and generate cleaner, greener energy. It should be a consideration if you are likely to be within your business premises for the foreseeable future.

To find out how solar energy can benefit your business or home, please get in touch to arrange a no obligation site survey by calling 0116 270 1926. As specialists in the design and installation of off-grid solar systems too, we're more than happy to give you any advice you require and accurately assess your specific energy requirements.