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Leicester Business Installs Solar Panels On Spare Roof Space

Thursday 21 May 2015

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As public awareness and interest in the environment has grown in recent years, corporate social responsibility, carbon footprint, carbon emissions, waste, fuel and energy efficiency are just some of the areas that businesses have really had to address and up the ante on. As businesses realise the impact that their operations and activities have, a company's 'sustainability' has been the main buzz word.

Ensuring that a business operates ethically and professionally and tackling the implications of climate change is at the forefront of why going green is important.

For many it may be just about ticking boxes, but as reported in the Leicester Mercury this week, for one company in Leicester installing solar panels was an opportunity to be more energy efficient and reduce their energy bills.

We've talked previosuly about how companies with vacant roof space can use solar panels to dramatically reduce their energy bills. Midlands Ventilation Supplies in Thurmaston installed 200 solar panels on their roof space which will save them on average £4,000 a year on their energy bills over the next 25 years - a total saving of £100,000. 

This installation was installed for free which is a service we don't offer. We position ourselves in the marketplace where we encourage our clients to pay the installation costs, because the long term benefits our clients receive are so much greater. Of course our clients benefit from reduced energy bills, however they also receive an income from the solar panels through the energy they generate (FIT scheme) as well as through the export rate, which in the case of this story is unlikely. 

Current Solar PV Tariffs

If you are eligible to receive the benefits of the Feed In Tariff scheme, here are the three ways in which solar panels are advantageous:

  1. Generation Tariff - You receive an income for every unit of electricity you generate and these tariffs are index-linked. For 4kW systems and under, the current tariff is 13.39 p/kWh which will change as of the 1st July to 12.92 p/kWh. 4kW systems and smaller are usually domestic solar PV systems. For systems greater than 4kW up to 50kW projects, the generation tariff is between 11.71-12.12 p/kWh. This tariff will change as of 1st July.
  2. Export Tariff - You will earn a further income for every unit of electricity you don't use yourself and export back to the grid from your energy supplier. Smart meters are to be installed at some stage, but currently it is predicted that you export 50% of the energy you generate back to the grid. Solar PV systems above 30kW have to have an export meter fitted which would have been the case for the system for Midland Ventilation which is 48kW.
  3. Energy Bill Savings - This obviously varies from client to client, however Run By The Sun can provide a strong indication of what your likely to save following a site solar survey.

Low cost finance solutions for commercial solar energy projects

We help our clients get low cost finance to fund solar energy projects that can be paid back quickly - typically within 5-6 years. For this particular project, had Midland Ventilation financed the project themselves, we predict that they could have earned as much as £10,000 a year through the reduction in their energy bills as well as through the Feed In Tariff scheme - more than double what they receive through the energy savings alone.

If you're looking to improve your company's green credentials, save money on your energy bills as well as earn some money whilst doing so; then please don't hesitate to contact Simon Butt at Run By The Sun on 0116 270 1926. 

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