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Monitoring Your PV Solar System's Performance With SolarEdge

Wednesday 08 July 2015

From the initial site survey using our patented Solmetric SunEye 210 tool to monitoring your solar panels performance using monitoring software, it's important to control every aspect of your PV Solar installation to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Here we'll give you an insight into the SolarEdge Monitoring platform we use to monitor the solar panels we install.

Who are SolarEdge?

SolarEdge are the company behind many of the products we use when installing PV solar systems. Run By The Sun has been fitting SolarEdge inverters for the last three years and in our last blog post we discussed their new energy storage battery. By fitting SolarEdge inverters, we can also take advantage of their web based monitoring portal - the monitoring sensors and transmitters are built within their inverters and power optimisers.

The benefits and features of SolarEdge Monitoring

SolarEdge Monitoring is used for immediate fault detection and alerts at solar module level, string level and system level all in real time. It is a web based platform that we can easily access whether it be from a laptop or desktop computer, or mobile phone when on the go.

Once logging into the platform, we get an overview of all of our PV solar installations, which we can view on a map and see the performance status. It's easy and intuitive to view data at a glance - we can view data on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

SolarEdge Monitoring Dashboard for PV Solar System

Overview of a typical home 4kWp PV solar system 

Monitoring the financial performance of solar panels

The SolarEdge platform doesn't just monitor the technical performance of the solar panels, it also monitors their financial performance too. For solar panels fitted with a feed-in-meter, we can view accurate consumption, production and self-consumption data. Any under-performing modules are easily picked up by colour code and alerts will detail the specific fault location, its description and its status.

Layout of solar panels Leicester

Image shows the layout of the solar panels. This is where we can detect any faults or underperformance

It is possible to access as much or as little data as required, but overall the system allows us to improve site performance, ensure that we get the best yield of the system, maximise solar energy harvesting and tackle any faults quickly and more effectively.

Following completion of a free consultation and site survey for you solar energy project, we are happy to give potential customers a walkthrough of the SolarEdge Monitoring platform. To arrange a consultation, call 0116 270 1926.