Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Narrow boat solar installation using semi-flexible solar modules

Thursday 01 September 2016

Although it is a niche part of our business, Run by the Sun Ltd have vast experience installing solar PV for narrow boats and water based craft, which assists with the everyday running of boats. These systems can range in size from 100W to over 1000W. As mentioned in our previous blog, we attend the Crick Show annually, showcasing the various solar products and services available for narrow boats. We design and install bespoke solar installations suited to your requirements with a choice of rigid or flexible modules.


Last week we were working at Debdale Wharf Marina in Market Harborough on an installation of 2 semi-flexible solar modules with a total of 260Wp, which also feature high-output Sun Power solar cells. The modules are connected to the latest Tracer MPPT solar charge controller that typically delivers 20% more power in comparison to your standard conventional controller. It will also allow you to monitor your system, with a digital display telling you how well it is performing.


This is a reasonably sized system, giving the boat enough power to run electrics between Easter and October. Some of the things it will be used to run is the electric fridge, TV, LED lighting, radio, and charging electrical items on a daily basis such as phones, laptops and power tools.

Visual aesthetics are becoming increasingly important in solar installations, and these modules were black and mounted onto a black background, giving a neat and streamlined finish.

If you would like help with running your narrow boat on a day to day basis or have a chat about the options available, don't hesitate to contact Simon on 0780 397 6000 or via the contact form here. We can also provide examples of previous work we have been involved in.