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Plans For Solar Farm To Power 1,400 Homes In Market Harborough

Wednesday 03 June 2015

 Solar farm in Leicester

Plans have been submitted to build a solar farm within the fields at Meadow Farm, Thorpe Langton near Market Harborough. The solar farm has been calculated to power 1,400 homes within the area. The planners of the solar farm regard it as a good site as it is well-screened by the surrounding woodland and there is still the opportunity for the farm to continue to be used for its intended agricultural use as well as for the grazing of sheep. If the solar project were to go ahead, vegetation would be planted to ensure that the solar farm did not disrupt the natural beauty of the area.

The benefits of solar energy for landowners and rural businesses 

Solar farms are becoming more prominent throughout the UK and are ever-present in the South West of the country as farmers continue to look at ways to diversify their businesses and make further use of the land they own. Solar farms can provide farmers with a sustainable level of income and can assist with reducing the running costs of the farm and food production. Furthermore, a solar farm will help generate clean electricity for a community and support other businesses in an area.

  1. Long-term, sustainable revenue stream
  2. Help with business growth and diversification
  3. Low cost electricity and reducing overheads

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