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Renewable Energy In The UK Up 20% for 2014

Thursday 14 May 2015

renewable energy in Leicester 

Due to increases in solar PV capacity, the use of renewable energy to generate electricity is up by 20% in the UK for 2014. A report reveals that a total of 64,404Gwh of electricity was generated from renewable sources in 2014, compared to 53,667GWh in 2013.

The report which was part of the Renewable Energy Association's REview publication also notes that with the increase in popularity for renewable energy, there has been a 9% increase in jobs within the sector since 2013. It also suggests that the East Midlands is one of the parts of the country that has demonstrated above average job growth within the sector too.

Job growth in solar energy market within the East Midlands

Since 2010 there has been a staggering £40 billion invested in the renewable energy sector. In the last year alone, £10 billion was invested into the sector with solar energy seeing the largest share of that investment with £4.5 billion. 

In fact, the UK completed more solar panel installations than any other European country last year. The UK installed 2.5GW of solar energy last year, however during the first quarter of 2015, the UK has installed 2GW due a rush to complete solar farms following subsidy cuts for solar farm developments. 

The solar energy sector is an ever-changing industry and at Run By The Sun we strive to keep our clients and potential clients informed of changes in the UK market. Our solid engineering practises are backed up by in-depth knowledge and we can quickly tell you if your rooftop or land is suitable for solar energy. We also maintain any solar PV project over its lifetime to ensure that you are always maximising its potential returns using monitoring at the module level. 

New solar Feed In Tariff rate from 1st July

Because solar panels have met government targets, from 1st July 2015 there will be a small decrease in the Feed In Tariff rate, from 13.39p/kWh to 12.92p/kWh for installations smaller than 4kW, which is typically the optimum size of a solar panel installation for domestic homes. To take advantage of the current Feed In Tariff rate, solar panel installations need to be completed prior to 1st July 2015. We offer a no obligation solar panel site survey so please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Many thanks to Intel Free Press for their solar picture.