Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Service and repairs for Inverters for optimum system performance

Tuesday 10 May 2016


Solar inverters are a crucial part of a PV solar system. As explained in our introduction to solar inverters they convert the DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) electricity, which is then used by the property, or exported. It therefore follows that having an inverter that is faulty, or not working correctly is detrimental - less electricity, or even no electricity is produced, in turn resulting in a reduction in the Feed in Tariff and export Tariff earned as well a reaction in the free electricity that can be consumed in the property.

How do you know if your inverter is broken?

You should regularly check that your PV solar system is working - Run by the Sun recommend that you keep a diary showing the amount of energy produced every month.

  • Remember PV solar systems are usually installed in such a way that even if they develop a fault all the electrics in the rest of the property will still function - so only by regularly checking the PV solar system will you be able to spot a fault.
  • If you have a remote meter showing the solar energy production, or a more recent installation with an Internet based monitoring system, then you can of course check these regularly rather than having to keep a diary.
  • Usually the inverter also have a display - LED lights and or an LCD display that can give further information - a permanently red LED during daylight hours is usually an indication that something is amiss.
  • If the Inverter is showing no signs of life then it is worth checking the circuit breaker that it is wired to. This should be clearly marked. If the circuit breaker has tripped then firstly switch off the DC and AC isolators on either side of the inverter before resetting the breaker.

Once re-set then restart the inverter as per the instructions for your particular inverter model - remember it often takes over 3 minutes for an inverter to wake up and start producing electricity - and of course you should only do this in daytime - at night it probably won’t wake up at all!

If the Inverter fails to start or the circuit breaker trips again then it’s time to call the experts. Similarly if you suspect that your solar system isn’t performing as well as it used to, or there are error messages on the inverter display or monitoring portal then please feel free to get in touch.

Run By The Sun are experienced in fault finding and solving technical issues with solar energy systems. We are a service partner for Fronius Inverters, as well as being professionally trained for SMA, SolarEdge and Steca inverters. Working in the industry for nearly 20 years has also given Simon experience of almost every system out there. 

By getting your solar system up and running you’ll be safely maximising your solar energy production - which in turn means maximising your solar income.