Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Solar broke records this June

Wednesday 06 July 2016

Solar continues to work its magic and this June it has broken another record by producing nearly a quarter of the electricity supplied to the UK. To top this celebration, the Solar Trade Association also marked its third 'Solar Independence Day' on Monday 4th July.

The UK now has over 1 million solar homes with 800,000 benefitting from a solar PV installation and 200,000 utilising solar thermal. Recent announcements from the Government outline the new carbon targets for 2028 to 2030, these will require a further 57% cut in current emissions. Only by working together can we help to achieve these targets.

Maintenance services for the best performance

Run by the Sun are now providing maintenance services for current installations in place for both grid-connect and off-grid systems, including those we didn't install ourselves.

Maintenance for your solar panels is vital to ensure they are performing to their maximum capabilities and efficiency.

Our inspections include testing services such as solar inverter checks and voltage and current checks. A visual inspection is also carried out and cleaning the solar panels is also vital to ensure the maximum amount of light is collected.