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Run by the sun

Solar Energy Soon to Become the Default Choice

Thursday 12 February 2015

commercial solar energy project

It was almost a year ago when a Goldman Sachs report suggested that solar energy would very soon be the same price as electricity produced by fossil fuels. Ironic then that Tim Cook CEO of Apple would announce that the company is to invest $850 million in a new solar farm whilst being interviewed by the President of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn.

Solar Panels: A Moment of Parity

Goldman Sachs obviously know how to spot a good profitable investment and their report will be reassuring to many consumers and business owners.  Advocates of solar energy such as ourselves, have been predicting grid parity for many years and so for us solar has always been a no brainer.

At Run By The Sun, we’re already seeing a more enthusiastic interest in solar energy for residential as well as commercial projects.  Before, solar power was perhaps just talk, but like Cook, our clients are recognising that climate change is real and the time to turn intrigue into serious interest is now.  Other people are investing in solar to reap the benefits of generating a tax-free income and to reduce their energy bills.

It’s no surprise that a forward-thinking company such as Apple is to invest heavily solar energy.  The project is set to be the largest commercial solar project and is an astute business decision.  Naturally, we hope that the news today from Apple will grab the attention of UK businesses.  There are plenty of vacant roofs on factories and warehouses that could really benefit from solar.

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The image above is of a Walmart in Puerto Rico equipped with solar panels. Walmart has a company wide goal to be supplied for 100% renewable energy.