Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Solar Sailing: Using Solar Power For Sustainable Racing

Monday 22 June 2015

There are perhaps three core reasons why our customers invest in solar panels. Firstly, they see solar energy as a way to reduce their energy bills. Secondly, solar panels provide a fantastic return on investment in comparison to most cash ISAs. However, besides these two obvious benefits, many of our clients choose solar as a means towards building a sustainable future.

We have followed closely the story of Solar Impulse 2's solar powered flight around the world and very recently we have written a blog on using solar energy on narrow boats. Becky's solar sailing adventure follows these posts nicely as all these stories have sustainability at its very heart.

Using solar power to sail towards a sustainable future

Becky Scott is a keen sailor currently embarking on on a two year campaign to compete in the 2015 Mini Transat - a 4,020 mile transatlantic race. Her key objective is to explore a more sustainable approach to sailing, without sacrificing competitiveness or performance. By her own admission, Becky wants to discover if by being more sustainable it will in fact provide her with marginal gains. 

Sustainability usually finds itself at the forefront of a project, activity or process, whether it be the build of a new home or business operation. This is certainly apparent when you land on Becky's website that her sustainable approach to sailing isn't just an after thought - there is a whole page dedicated towards her mission of greener sailing.

Becky's focus on sustainability is all encompassing, looking at every detail from resource management to using eco-friendly cleaning products, and of course solar panels. Becky's boat used the semi-flexible solar panels mentioned in our recent blog post which can be glued to the side of the boat and will have given her the ability to easily navigate around the boat and even step on the panel if required when racing. The solar panels generate 190kW of energy - roughly the amount we would expect a project such as this to require.

Following a recent Tweet, Becky finished the Mini Fastnet Race in 10th place following 5 days and 2 hours of sailing as part of her preparation towards the Mini Transat in 3 months time.  

Becky Scott Solar Sailing

Run By The Sun send Becky our very best wishes for all her future races and we hope that the solar panels give her the competitive edge she was looking for!