Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Why it's important to get your solar panels serviced and maintained

Monday 25 January 2016


Although generally speaking solar panels need little maintenance, in order to ensure that your PV solar system is working at it's maximum efficiency, it's important to get them serviced from time to time.

It's perhaps cheaper than you think and by servicing your solar panels it provides the opportunity for a technical issue to be corrected or significant equipment failure to be identified. Part of the process we go through if we are installing a new PV solar system is to set up the SolarEdge monitoring platform, which helps us to monitor the technical and financial performance of the solar system at module level.

Do I need solar panel maintenance?

Once you've invested in a solar panel installation and they start to generate an income from the FIT scheme and save you money on your energy bills, naturally they become part of the fabric of your home or commercial property. So much so that it's easy to forget that they're on your roof! When you invest in solar panels, part of the reason you decide to invest is because of the length of time it will take to earn your investment back, whether that be 5, 6 or 8 years depending on your installation. Maintenance of your solar panels and the system assists in ensuring that your investment meets your expectations.

Run By The Sun offer a range of thorough inspection and testing services, visual examinations as well as electrical tests carried out by our trained installers. Depending on the outcome of your equipment test and inspection, Run By The Sun can then recommend and if necessary, implement the best solution for your system.  

Our solar panel maintenance services

The list below is by no means exhausted but gives you an insight into some of our maintenance services.

  • Annual cleaning to keep the panels clear from soiling and atmospheric pollution to maximise the amount of light received.
  • Module string tests
  • Solar inverter checks
  • Visual inspection of the PV solar system
  • Check of all cabling and isolator 
  • Voltage and current check
  • Examination of the array and roof
  • Energy production analysis
  • Meter check
  • Replacement/Repair of any faulty parts

The extent and frequency of the maintenance will vary from one installation to the next, so we recommend that you get in touch with Simon to discuss your options. Call 0116 270 1926.