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Run by the Sun Ltd specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of Solar PV systems for homes, businesses, community groups and off-grid locations. With headquarters in Leicester, we work mainly in Leicestershire and the Midlands, although commercial contracts sometimes take us further afield.

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Who we are

A family run business

Established by Simon Butt in 2007, Run by the Sun have built up an unrivalled reputation in the solar power industry, offering quality products, design and engineering and a workforce that has been together since the company was founded. We offer an honest no pressure approach to sales and have an excellent track record for customer service.

Solar energy experts

Run by the Sun are fully accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for PV installations. This is a mark of quality, and it demonstrates adherence to recognised industry standards, competency, compliance and provides peace of mind to customers.

High standards

Run by the Sun has a strong ethical and environmental ethos, and we are completely independent. This allows us to truly offer you the best solar solution. We are proud to be backed by a network of trusted UK suppliers and industry leading products.

Solar panel maintenance

All our solar panels come with a MCS approved output warranty of 25 years. Annual maintenance inspections can ensure your solar panel system is generating the best possible energy yield throughout its lifetime.

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Reliable power off-grid

Run by the Sun has a highly experienced workforce, all of whom have over 20 years’ experience installing PV systems. Although the majority of our work consists of grid connected PV systems, Run by the Sun also specialise in off-grid solutions with both PV and battery storage technology.

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Solar Panel Surveys in Leicester

Every potential location is professionally surveyed using our state-of-the-art Solmetric SunEye solar site analysis tool. This piece of equipment can be extended on a pole to the correct roof height, from where it takes a snapshot of the sky.

Positioning the Solmetric SunEye where the solar array will be installed allows for an extremely accurate measurement of the amount of annual solar irradiance and any potential shadow issues that the potential array will have. This information is then analysed by our software package to produce an MCS approved shading analysis chart.

In total, our professional site survey process takes around an hour to complete. We will also take all the relevant measurements required to be able to design the solar array, including the roof orientation and slope and covering type.

As well as listing the price of the PV solar energy installation, our quote will also detail the predicted system performance and indicate the income and saving that this will result in. Taking these measurements accurately and on site means that the predicted performance of the solar array given in our quotation can be relied upon to be meaningful and accurate.


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