Solar energy systems

solar power systems
solar panels

On-grid solar panels

Using the latest solar modules and inverter products, Run by The Sun can design a Solar PV system that will work efficiently on your property. Our technical survey process will accurately calculate the energy your solar array will generate, so that our Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) approved quotation will show you the estimated financial benefits from the installation.

From the very first point of contact, Run by the Sun Ltd prides itself in putting the customer first. Our superior knowledge and experience allows us to design efficient solar systems for even the most awkward of roofs. We also have experience of installing solar panel systems with shading or orientation issues that many other solar companies walk away from.

Solar power for small holdings

Off grid solar systems provide you with electrical power where there is no mains utility grid. An off grid system consists of PV solar panels, a solar charge control system and storage batteries.

off grid solar system

Solar panels for boats

Run by the Sun has over 20 years’ experience installing PV solar systems. Although the majority of our work consists of grid connected PV systems, Run by the Sun also specialise in the installation of solar panels for boats and canal barges.

solar panels barges and boats

Leading smart battery technology

Save and earn by storing renewable energy with a smart battery. Install a solar and battery system, or add to your existing solar panels. Reduce energy bills along with your carbon footprint. Capture the sun’s energy and save it for when you need it. Track your energy generation and usage to get tailored insights into further savings.

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