Solar Battery Storage

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Battery storage solutions:
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By installing a battery, typically you can double the amount of solar energy you can use at a property.

The storage of energy using batteries is a rapidly evolving technology that is used alongside Solar PV to store surplus electricity for later use. If you have Solar PV installed, you will know that you have plentiful energy generated when the sun is shining, but on heavily overcast days less energy will be generated and overnight none at all. This pattern of generation generally never matches up with energy use and therefore battery storage can be a very important part of a renewable energy system.

Onsite energy storage will reduce the electricity you use from the National Grid and further reduces your electricity bills.

There are a range of battery types and sizes available, and Run by the Sun is able to design and install energy storage systems for domestic properties using lithium batteries, and utilises lithium or lead acid batteries for off-grid solutions.

Solar power for small holdings

Off grid solar systems provide you with electrical power where there is no mains utility grid. An off grid system consists of PV solar panels, a solar charge control system and storage batteries.

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Solar for boats

Run by the Sun has over 20 years’ experience installing PV solar systems. Although the majority of our work consists of grid connected PV systems, Run by the Sun also specialise in the installation of solar panels for boats and canal barges.

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