Solar panels for homes

As the cost of electricity rises it makes financial sense to install Solar PV at home. PV is a technology that is suitable for most homes in the UK. Once up and running, the system will provide free electricity during the day for 25 years or more.

domestic solar panel systems

The benefits of solar energy

Maximise the benefits

Homeowners can maximise the value of this free electricity by using household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines during the day. Using the system in this way, homeowners can maximise self-consumption whilst reducing their own carbon footprint.

Adding a battery storage system can allow you to utilise solar generated energy during the evening.

Bespoke installation

Using the latest solar modules and inverter products, Run by The Sun can design a Solar PV system that will work efficiently on your property. Our technical survey process will accurately calculate the energy your solar array will generate, so that our Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) approved quotation will show you the estimated financial benefits from the installation.

Satisfied customers

The majority of our customers hear about us from other satisfied customers, and we concentrate on one installation at a time, ensuring all work is completed to a very high standard with minimum disruption to your home.

Battery storage

Take control of electricity bills and maximise self-consumption with a suite of flexible, modular smart energy solutions. There are a range of battery types and sizes available, and Run by the Sun is able to design and install energy storage systems using lithium batteries.

battery storage ev charging

Off grid solar

Off-grid solar systems provide you with electrical power at a location that is not connected to the National Grid. It is a great solution to your energy and electricity requirements particularly if you’re living in a remote location.

off grid solar systems


Good day, sunshine.
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