Solar panel systems for businesses

Run by the Sun can help you turn your roof into an economic and environmental asset. Mounting Solar PV on the roof of your premises is the most popular way of generating clean carbon free electricity which you can use onsite, store in a battery to use later, or sell back to the National Grid. Solar PV can be fixed to almost any roof type, including flat roofs, so most businesses can benefit from this technology.

commercial solar panel systems

The benefits of solar energy for your business

Generate your own power

Electricity prices keep going up, so it makes financial sense to simply generate your own power and take control of your own electricity supply. As future prices rise, the financial savings will increase, and you can typically achieve a pay back on investment in around five to seven years.

Sustainable ambitions

Installing Solar PV is a simple and practical way to contribute towards low carbon strategies, corporate social responsibility and net zero ambitions.

Power EV charging points

Power electric vehicle charging points for existing or future electric fleets. This renewable energy charging facility could be made available to staff and customers.

Save money long term

Taking into account your electricity load profile, we will optimise your system with our state of the art solar-metric survey equipment. By planning the installation in detail, we can significantly improve your energy yield and cost savings.

Store excess energy

To generate greater financial savings, we can model how excess electricity generated from the panels can be stored in batteries rather than be exported to the National Grid.

Solar panel systems

Run by the Sun are fully accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for PV installations. This is a mark of quality and demonstrates adherence to recognised industry standards and provides peace of mind to customers. The MCS accreditation also allows excess energy to be sold back to the grid.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme accredited

Maintenance & Warranty

All our solar panels come with a MCS approved output warranty of 25 years. Annual maintenance inspections can ensure your solar panel system is generating the best possible energy yield throughout its lifetime.

commercial solar energy projects


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