Off-grid solar energy systems

off grid solar systems
off grid solar energy
off grid solar panels

Off-grid solar installation:
your world run by the sun

Off-grid solar systems provide you with electrical power at a location that is not connected to the National Grid. It is a great solution to your energy and electricity requirements particularly if you’re living in a remote location. Alternatively, you might be connected to the grid, but want to be less dependent on rising electricity cost and use the grid electricity as back up. Run by the Sun can offer solutions for both scenarios.

An off-grid Solar PV system will consist of a complete package for generating, storing and delivering your own renewable energy. Unlike a grid-tied system, an off-grid Solar PV system relies on the electricity produced by your solar panels alone. Designing an off-grid system is more complicated than a grid-connected system. Run by the Sun specialise in off-grid systems and use the ‘PV Sol’ solar design software to help perfect off-grid designs.

Solar power for small holdings

Off grid solar systems provide you with electrical power where there is no mains utility grid. An off grid system consists of PV solar panels, a solar charge control system and storage batteries.

off grid solar panels

Power boats & canal barges with solar

The company have built up a highly experienced workforce, all of whom have over 20 years’ experience of installing PV systems. Although the majority of our work consists of grid connected PV systems, Run by the Sun also specialise in the installation of solar panels for boats and canal barges.

solars panels for narrowboats

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