Run By The Sun have recently installed a 1.2kWp solar array using the latest 300Wp LG solar black modules. The installation is seamlessly integrated into the roof of an annexe building and is connected to an existing solar array on the main house which was installed 4 years ago using BP solar modules.

The size of system is 4.0kWp in total and we replaced the original inverter with a SolarEdge inverter and optimiser system, allowing us to have two different arrays with different solar modules.

LG Solar Panels

LG NeON 2 Black solar panels not only have aesthetic advantages but they are also highly efficient – 300Wp with a module efficiency of 18.3% and a power tolerance of 0/+3%. To put this into perspective, there are very few solar panels in the marketplace that exceed module efficiency of 19% (An efficiency rating is the percentage of a solar panel that can be used to convert sunlight into power). Compared with conventional solar panels, the LG panels installed improve the absorption of light with circular shaped wires which scatter light more effectively.

With an additional 2 year warranty on top of the industry standard 10 year warranty, LG solar panels were also awarded ‘Top Brand PV Modules 2015’ and are suitable for home and business applications.