Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Why it's time for your business to invest in solar energy

Thursday 26 November 2015


Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, installing a PV solar energy system might appear to be a risky move in an ever-changing marketplace. There's a huge misconception that solar energy and renewable energy in general is only suitable for big companies with big energy bills as well as activities and operations which have significant social, environmental and economic impact.

In the past, many businesses have based business decisions to become more 'green' on the fact that it's 'the right thing to do' rather than seeing it as a strategic financial decision. Every astute business owner is looking for opportunities to make the services they use from suppliers more cost-effective and dare I say, cheaper. Solar panels aren't just for companies like Stagecoach, small to medium sized businesses can take advantage of the financial return a PV solar system could provide.

The numbers: why solar energy makes financial sense

 Let's get down to brass tacks, after all any decision to invest in solar power will be a financial one.

  • A small to medium sized business in the UK spends on average £2,566 - £4,280 annually on their electricity bills using between 15,000 - 50,000 kWh of electricity in the process.
  • The average commercial PV solar installation is 10kWp system which costs roughly £12,000 and will last 25 years.
  • A system of this size would produce roughly 8,500 kWh. Depending on the amount of electricity you use each year, a business could save as much as over 50% on their electricity bills.
  • On average a company would receive £850 from the Feed In Tariff as well as £160 from the export tariff, just over £1,000.
  • 50% electricity bill savings + Feed In Tariff and Export Tariff Income = £2,250.
  • The cost of the PV solar system could be paid for in 6 years.

These numbers are based on average figures, but are by no means a best case scenario. As solar panels continue to reduce in price and energy bills continue to rise, solar power is an increasingly attractive proposition. We offer a comprehensive site survey to accurately determine the size of PV solar installation required, your savings and your return on your investment.

Investing in solar power isn't just about the financial benefits!

There are other commercial benefits too:

  • Like a person with a good sense of humour, a company's commitment to sustainability and their impact on the environment is a really attractive quality to other local businesses and communities.
  • Investing in solar energy would place any business as being forward-thinking.
  • Bearing in mind the two bullet points above, this gives a company investing in solar power not just a competitive edge, but a real opportunity to promote their business through PR and local news articles.
The numbers add up and it's easy to see why solar energy for small to medium sized businesses is a viable investment. If you're based in the East Midlands and you would like to arrange a meeting to find out how a solar panel installation could benefit your business, please don't hesitate to arrange a site survey with Simon Butt on 0116 270 1926.