Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Energy Storage Batteries: details to consider

Friday 12 February 2016

Following the reduction of the FIT scheme, energy storage systems are going to become a more prominent component of the installation of solar panels. Following the first installation of a Tesla Powerwall in Wales this week, we thought the timing couldn't be better to give you our thoughts on energy storage and some guidance if you're considering a PV solar installation or already have solar panels but are unsure whether you would benefit from a energy storage system or indeed if it is appropriate for your system.

Energy storage is still a very new technology, however there are currently a number of different energy storage systems on the market, with the essential idea being that whilst your solar panels are generating the most amount of energy during the day, you're not necessarily benefiting from the clean energy produced because you're at work and the kids are at school or college. That's fine and your energy is sold back to the grid and purchased in the evening for when you return home. Energy storage systems allow you to maximise the self-consumption of the energy you produce. However, it's not that simple and there are still some areas .

Energy storage: things to think about

Battery details and system characteristics

All batteries have different battery information and characteristics which adds to the complexity of choosing the right system. Questions to ask an MCS solar panel installer could be:

  • Battery capacity and lifetime - how long will the battery last?
  • How will the system operate?
  • Does the system still work during a powecut?
  • Could energy storage affect the FIT income I receive?


We've used the diagram above in a previous blog which acts as an introduction to energy storage systems. However, although it looks great, because you may generate surplus energy that is so small or infrequent that energy storage isn't required. We use monitoring software and we're able to provide statistical information to give you numbers and figures on your PV solar panels, right down to the module.

There's lots of maths to do to find out whether you can actually take advantage of the benefits energy storage systems profess to have and everyone's system, the amount of energy it produces and people's lifestyles all have to be accounted for. However, it might just be that an energy storage system enables you to remain environmentally minded.

If you have solar panels and would like a no obligation, informal chat to find out how you could potentially benefit from energy storage, please call Simon Butt on 0116 270 1926.