Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Introducing sonnenBatterie pro storage system for commercial installations

Friday 15 July 2016



Energy storage systems have become increasingly popular following the reduction in the Government Feed In Tariff rate, allowing homes and businesses to benefit from the clean energy produced.

The sonnenBatterie pro is a complete smart energy storage system aimed towards commercial installations whether that is offices, a hotel or restaurants. The system runs on sonnen's software and gains from the self-generated electricity by using it's storage function during peak periods. 

Demand response programmes are used to benefit the business, enabling them to adjust the usage for optimum results having an environmental impact and reducing costs allowing them to future-proof them from rising costs. The sonnenBatterie pro uses lithium-only batteries, currently one of the most long-lasting and safest technologies in the world. All of the systems are UL Listed by worldwide safety consulting and Certification Company.

Below shows you how the sonnenBatterie pro saves your business energy throughout the day:


peakshaving_pro (1).png 


Benefits of sonnenBatterie pro

The sonnenBatterie pro allows companies to expand from a minimum system design of 18kW/24kWh to as much as 90kW/240kWh.

Regardless of your business energy demands, a solar PV system along with a energy storage system which is safe, efficient and long-lasting you can be assured that it will help reduce your utility bills now and in the future.

The benefits keep on coming. Although you are managing your own system and saving money, this will not affect the financial benefits from the Feed in Tariff payments!

Although the product is not being released until the 4th quarter in 2016, it has been revealed that the UK is a key focus in the market.

For more information on solar PV systems and energy storage systems suitable for your business, give Simon a call to arrange a free site survey or a more detailed chat on 0116 270 1926. 

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