Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Solar for convenient summer travelling

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Solar-powered caravans and motorhomes can help you save whilst on your travels this summer. Forget running noisy generators and the worry of your battery dying, let the sun work it's magic whilst you kick back.

Caravans and motor homes generally run on a 12V or 14V battery system charged by the alternator. Whilst it's connected to the National Grid, in order to maintain the battery they also include a 240V charger. This makes it very inconvenient for campers, as 240V is rarely available in National Parks, resulting in needing a generator.

Below is a chart to show you the typical usage and amp hours needed to run everyday appliances.




Stress free camping with solar


It can be a challenge choosing solar panels with the right output. When travelling away from the grid, everyday appliances such as fridges soon use up electricity. Experiment on power requirements by going travelling on a full battery, and seeing what electrical appliances it can support. 

This will help you calculate your average energy consumption on a trip, making it easier to look for a suitable system for you. All UK solar panels have a marked power rating. Planning on doing long road trips? A 100W panel will generate around 700Wh per day, making this more appropriate. However, if you want to camp on a site using your everyday appliances, a 50W panel should work for you. 

Regardless of your needs, Run by the Sun are here to help you make an informed decision on what system is best for you. Not sure? Not a problem, call us to book a free site survey, no obligation. 0116 270 1926