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Solar Energy Should Whet the Appetite of Restaurants

Thursday 02 April 2015

solar energy for restaurants

Imagine solar powered fish and chips. Alright, not a piece of battered cod powered by solar, but cooked using energy generated by solar panels. It's a crazy thought since 1.5% of the UK's electricity is generated by solar and the vast majority of installations are domestic rather than commercial. However, of all the businesses that could tap into the benefits solar power straight away, restaurants and take-aways are certainly up there.

Solar Panels for Restaurants and Take-Aways

Think about it. It's Friday night. You fancy either a curry or a Chinese. You opt for the curry. You head down to your favourite curry house, the same one you've been visiting for the last 10 years.

And here's my first point. Apart from the great food you may eat, the success of any restaurant or take-away is built on where it is located and typically restaurants and take-aways are located within the same premises for many years. If you're looking for reasons to invest in solar energy, knowing that you're going to be in a property for several years would certainly be a good reason to.

A take-away could start saving money on their energy bills and receive an income for every unit of electricity they generate. Where you can really take advantage of this is if your home and take-away are both connected or within the same property, saving you money not only on your home utility bills but your business' utilities too. The savings are maximised further when you consider how long some take-aways are open for and using electricity to operate.

Many restaurants and take-aways are owned and run by families, some of which are operated by 2nd and 3rd generation family members. The price of solar panels has dramatically fallen by 70% in recent years and it might be time to start thinking of renewable energy, especially if you are going to be passing the baton to another member of your family.

Run By The Sun are happy to offer any commercial or domestic customers a free, no obligation site visit and give you an accurate proposal of the cost of solar panels for your property, an understanding of how much money you should expect to save on your electricity bills, as well as a solid indication of the tax free income you can expect to make over the years. Call 0116 270 1926 to arrange an appointment with Simon.


Crackside Fish & Chip Shop near Greenodd, Cumbria.