Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Stagecoach installing solar panels to power bus depots in huge green initiative

Tuesday 17 November 2015


In our opinion, the commercial solar energy industry is still yet to really take off amongst small to medium sized businesses. We've discussed in previous posts how solar energy can benefit restaurants, a commercial PV solar system can support the day-to-day running of sports clubs as well as using solar power for Leicester's schools.

However, the vast majority of commercial solar energy projects are done by large national or global companies in a bid to reduce the impact of their daily processes and put a huge tick in their corporate social responsibility box.

In the last week, Stagecoach have announced a 20-year green initiative to power their UK bus depots using solar energy. The development is being trialled at two depots initially in Chesterfield and Stockport respectively and is set to save the company £1.1m in operating costs as well as reduce their yearly carbon emissions footprint by 3 million kilograms - quite a staggering reduction.

The PV solar system at the Chesterfield depot will consist of over 900 solar panels and will produce 250 kWh in peak conditions. To put this into perspective, the system in Chesterfield is over 50 times the typical domestic installation.

Solar power shouldn't be just for the big players like Stagecoach

With so much doubt surrounding the industry and the Feed In Tariff, we understand that the solar energy market can be confusing. Any decision your business makes will at some point focus on the financial feasibility of a particular investment. The price of solar panels continues to rapidly fall and energy bills continue to rise, making solar power an attractive proposition.

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