Run by the sun
Run by the sun

Solar Panels For Your Home In Leicester

The good news is that solar PV is a technology that is suitable for the vast majority of homes in the UK. An ideal property would have a large, south facing roof area with a pitch of between 30 to 45 degrees and little shading.

However, are you facing away from due south? Do you have a shallow roof pitch or flat roof? Or do you have several small roof areas with shading issues?

In most cases, using the latest solar module and inverter products, Run By The Sun can still design a solar PV system that will work efficiently on your property. Our technical survey process will accurately work out the energy your solar array will

generate, so that our MCS approved quotation can show you the actual benefits a solar system will bring you.

The majority of our customers hear about us from other satisfied customers. We therefore concentrate on one installation at a time, ensuring all work is completed to a very high standard with minimum disruption to your home. Our workforce has been together since the company was founded, and once the job is complete, we are more than happy to help you fill in the application forms and set up our online software to allow you to monitor your system.

Run by the sun
Run by the sun


Installing the best solar energy system for you

Not all solar panels are created equal. We have no loyalty to a particular solar panel manufacturer, so will make a recommendation that we believe to be the best option for you from a selection of solar panel brands we (and probably you) know and trust.

Run By The Sun will provide the solar product and solar energy system for you, whether it be black solar panels so they look aesthetically pleasing on slate, thin film solar modules to generate more energy when facing away from south or in a shaded roof area, or smaller modules to better utilise a small roof area.

How do you benefit from solar energy?

  • A solar PV system is made up of a group of solar modules connected to a grid inverter which generate electricity in day light. This electricity is connected to your house electrical system and helps to power your house or is exported to the grid to be used by other properties.
  • The amount of energy depends upon the size and orientation of the array, where it is in the country and the time of year. Our quote will show the accurate annual prediction for you.
  • Under the government's Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme, you will be paid for every unit of electricity you generate, whether or not you use it for 20 years from the date of installation.
  • You will also receive an extra payment for electricity exported back to the grid, usually estimated as 50% of the electricity generated.
  • For homeowners, these payments are tax free and also inflation index linked.
  • As you use the electricity being generated during the day you will also be buying less electricity, reducing your electricity bill, making further savings in addition to the payments received above.
  • Run by the Sun will design a system that maximises these returns against the cost of the system over the 20 year FIT scheme